Why Art, People & Christianity?

Every person finds their own way to create meaning in life. Most aren’t even aware that the meaning they experience is a created thing. They don’t know what elements formed to create it. That both how we make meaning, and meaning itself can change. However, a few people have discovered something. We can become active participants in doing the work of meaning-making. To realize a meaning that is more faithful and purposeful.

So where does meaning come from? Why was it formed the way it was? What did we bring to it that we may not have realized? 

Discovering why we are the way we are intrigues me. It pulls me in to wondering and questioning in deeper ways. I’m a firm believer in growing the ability to engage with and question whatever we encounter. By asking questions, can we better grasp the broader context, and make our way to better interpretation and understanding.

Let’s engage in a better way, and learn to understand art, people, and Christianity in a more holistic, integrated way. 

A bit about me, Jordan Prins

I’m the author behind these lines. I strive to integrate my spiritual being, relational being and art into every area of my life. Those things are what drive most of what I do, as well as what you’ll find when you visit these pages. Glad you’re here!


I grew up in a charismatic Christian tradition. Since then, I have gravitated toward, and welcomed more meditative and contemplative practices into my rhythms. I am a founder of Urban Monastics. Together we are navigating the world of providing alternative, ecumenical spaces for people seeking to commune with God in ancient practices and way of life. Also as of the early 2020’s, I’ve begun post-graduate studies on hermeneutics and the Bible.

I believe in the embodiment of my Jesus-centered faith in practical ways in my life. For me this means fighting for justice. For inclusion. For the betterment of all people. Bringing God’s Kingdom to earth for all, not just in thought, but in belief and practice. Just as Jesus taught us to pray and hope for.


I’m interested in the intersection of human psychology & sociology, and how that informs our interpretation of the world around us. Much can be learned by simply being aware of what we do to create meaning within relationships, and in our interaction with the world around us.

More personally, I deeply love and am married to Paul, and together the two of us make a complete family. We love our pets to pieces and currently have a cat, Serif. I’m truly a dog person though. Don’t worry, we’ll add one to the family soon. I am an introvert who craves one-on-one interaction in deep ways. I love seeing people grow into who they are meant to be. It is one of the ways I connect with my God and others most deeply.

Art & Being

I have an art background, and that drives a lot of what I do, and plays a part in forming how I see the world. I love exploring the broader world of art, from the creation of it to passive observation. But I believe there is a lot to be learned about how we interpret the world and relationships – by engaging with the world of art.

I live in Paris, France by way of Wisconsin and Minnesota. I love the big-city life. It brings about an unexpected beauty when getting to interact with people, cultures, and art from all over the world. It is a particular pleasure getting to live a small neighborhood-focused life in the midst of millions of others.

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