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Diving into why we understand stories the way we do.

As humans, we can only know ourselves and others through story.

Some writings.

  • What Can Understanding the Pyramids Teach Us About Reading the Bible?

    There are things we can do to better understand what is created or communicated. Things like the pyramids, art, cheese and so much more. Interacting both with the context and people involved can help us grasp a deeper meaning.

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  • Looking for Love in the Cheese Aisle

    I made a routine run to the nearby grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. After an unseasonably cool summer, Paris decided to finally heat up. A cold homemade pasta salad was on the menu for the evening. With fall right around the corner, this might be our last chance this season.

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  • Living with ME / CFS

    I’ve been sick with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) since 2001. Myalgic (muscle pain) Encephalomyelitis (inflammation of the brain and spinal cord) was commonly called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I find the name (CFS) greatly under-represents what this illness truly is. Calling it Chronic Fatigue makes it incredibly easy to dismiss and minimize. Living with ME/CFS since 2001,

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